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École George Elliot Secondary
"Non nobis solum" - not for ourselves alone
Principal's Message

Welcome to George Elliot Secondary School in Lake Country, BC where our learning community is located on the unceded, traditional territory of the Syilx people.

At George Elliot, our work is guided by the OECD 7 Principles of Learning.  These principles are the result of meta data collated from years of research and studies in many countries.  Essentially it is what we know to be true in education. As such, we recognize and understand:

  • the importance of putting learners are at the centre of their learning
  • the social nature of learning
  • that emotions are integral to learning
  • individual differences
  • the importance of stretching all students
  • assessment is for learning (to guide further learning)​
  • the value of building horizontal connections.
With this as our foundation, the staff has crafted a Love, Learn, Thrive vision for each student at George Elliot.  We believe that all staff and learners in our building should mutually feel supported, connected, valued, safe, and empowered.  We believe that learning should be personal, engaging, relevant, and lifelong.  And we believe that our aspirational goal for all our learners -  to thrive, is individual and includes their physical, social, emotional and personal wellbeing.  The staff continually works to create these conditions at George Elliot, making it such a special school for our students and families.

Moving into the 2023-24 school year, I am proud of George Elliot school community.  As your fortunate principal, I will also work hard to support learners, their families, and this team of dedicated professionals who are working to implement and live out the shared vision held for each of our students.  As a former staff member of George Elliot over twenty years ago, it is truly great to be back.  For families, please don't hesitate to reach out and connect with me or with the school at any time.  With you alongside us is how we do our best work.  

Mr. Jim Laird
(updated June 28, 2023)
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