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"Non nobis solum" - not for ourselves alone

"Teen Survival Kit: How To Talk to Your Teen About Drugs and Alcohol"

ARC Programs, in association with SD23, has developed a webinar titled "Teen Survival Kit: How To Talk to Your Teen About Drugs and Alcohol". It is designed to provide parents and caregivers with basic drug/alcohol information to help them engage in conversations with their teen. The webinar has been broken down into four 10-15 minute modules. 

Student Absences:

Please call the absentee line to report your child's absence:  250-870-5102 - Press "1".  This is availabe 24 hours a day.

All students must report to the office and sign in if they are coming to school late. They must either provide a note from their parent/guardian or have the parent/guardian call to inform the school.  If your child needs to leave school early, they must report to the office to sign out and must provide parent/guardian permission before they can leave the school. (note or phone call).

An automated phone call will go home if your child has missed class and not provided parent/guardian permission.

Please review the Code of Conduct for our Attendance Policy.  Link: GES Code of Conduct

Extendend Trip Absences: 3 consecutive schools days or more.

Please have your student complete the attached from.

Extended Absence Form.pdfExtended Absence Form.pdf 


Redesigned Curriculum

For the past year, BC teachers have begun the exciting process of implementing the redesigned curriculum.  Working in collaboration with colleagues across the district and beyond, the staff at GES have designed some amazing learning opportunities for students that will engage them in authentic learning to help each of them develop the skills necessary for our changing world. 

The links you will find below are resources that will assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of not only the purpose of the redesigned curriculum, but also insights into what these changes may look like inside the classroom.

We are excited to be on this learning journey and recognize that the home/school connection is extremely important in ensuring the success of each student at GES.  This year at the PAC meetings there will be opportunities to learn more about the redesigned curriculum, the changes to provincial assessments and the impact that this will have on the goals and direction the school is moving.  In addition, educators from around the district will continue to deepen their learning of the redesigned curriculum during various professional learning opportunities and the May 19th, 2017 Non-Instructional training day.  As a staff we look forward to partnering with our families, community members and students. 

Redesigned Curriculum Timeline

  • September 2016:  IMPLEMENTATION of the redesigned curriculum begins for Kindergarten to Grade 9 teachers
  • September 2016:  redesigned curriculum in DRAFT form for Grade 10 through Grade 12 teachers

Redesigned Curriculum Resources

The following are links to provide you with information regarding the redesigned curriculum                                 


 "Teen Survival Kit: How To Talk to Your Teen About Drugs and Alcohol".